300-year silk village amid Hoi An ancient town

 VietNamNet Bridge – After a long time in oblivion, the silk village of more than 300 years old has suddenly revived in the old space, and it is now open for the discovery of domestic and foreign tourists in the hub of Hoi An.



Duy Xuyen silk village has been resumed at No. 28 Nguyen Tat Thanh,
Hoi An, Quang Nam province to bring to tourists the miniature of a
big trading port of over 300 years ago, which contributed to create
the Vietnamese silk road on the sea.

This silk village used to be very famous. But there were periods of time it
fell into oblivion because weavers could not find materials and sell
their products. But now, thanks to the cooperation with the tourism sector,
silk weaving artisans hope to maintain the famous silk village.

Ở một khu vực khác, tằm được chăm sóc bằng việc cung cấp lá dâu để nhanh lớn và làm kén
In another area, silkworms are bred by mulberry leaves from ancient
mulberry trees of the ancient Champa people, in the high mountains
of Quang Nam province. These silkworms will make yellow cocoons.
This material is only available in Duy Xuyen silk village.

Water in the pot must be 80 degrees Celsius so the silk cords will be smooth.

The village has about 10 artisans who both weave silk and introduce to
tourists about how to make silk and the unique features of materials in Hoi An.

Champa silk is weaved by ancient looms, which are collected from
various localities, to show the acculturation between Champa – Vietnam.

Và những nghệ nhân thêu điêu luyện.
Not merely producing silk, artisans also make embroidery products, silk
cloths, etc. as souvenirs for tourists.

The commemoration house displays 100 traditional costumes of 54 ethnic
groups in Vietnam. It is being extended to host visitors overnight to
see silkworms eating mulberry leaves, making cocoons …

(Resource: vietnamnet.vn)


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