Trade fair highlights Khmer festival


(VOV) – The southern Tra Vinh province hosted an exhibition and trade fair on November 24 to promote tourism and highlight the 2012 Ok Om Bok festival of Khmer ethnic groups.

The fair displayed a diverse range of products from 150 businesses spanning agriculture, industry, household electronics, garments and textiles,  the culinary arts, and handicrafts.

The event is designed to showcase the high quality of Vietnamese goods in the hope that consumers will habitually seek to enjoy that quality.

The fair runs in conjunction with the annual Ok Om Bok festival, beginning a series of activities that recognise the Khmer celebration in the province.

Apart from promoting trade and tourism activities, the event also provided Khmer ethnic people and visitors with opportunities to ẹnoy the specialties of Tra Vinh province and neighbouring localities.

The fair offer a good opportunity for local businesses to broaden their market exposure, seek investment partners, enhance their competitiveness, and directly connect with consumers.

The fair will run through to November 28.



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