Vietnamese coffee space in the heart of Tokyo

VietNamNet Bridge – Japanese people and foreign guests, who want to learn about the country and people of Vietnam, have a destination and an interest spot at Café Vietnam in Toranomon, Tokyo capital, Japan.

Inauguration ceremony of Café Vietnam in Tokyo. (Photo: VNA)

Vietnam Airlines collaborated with Japan’s JTB and Travel Café to open Café Vietnam in order to promote the image and culture of Vietnam to Japanese people and foreigners in Tokyo.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Mr. Toru Ikuta, President of JTB, said the purpose of the opening of Café Vietnam is to create a comfortable lounge for customers who come to register tours as well as visitors who want to enjoy the flavor of Vietnamese coffee and dishes.

He hoped that through Café Vietnam, there would be more Japanese people and foreigners who will get to know the country and culture of Vietnam, including culinary culture, and then they would want to travel to Vietnam to learn more about this Southeast Asian country.

According to Nguyen Minh Hai, Head of the Representative Office of Vietnam Airlines in Japan, the cooperation with Japan’s JTB and Travel Café is a general framework to enhance promotion and attraction of Japanese tourists to Vietnam. This is a new form of cooperation, which is promising and needs to be replicated.

Ms. Chizuko Iwase, Managing Director of Travel Café, said that the cooperation has brought an opportunity to introduce to Japanese customers Vietnam’s coffee products and dishes so that they can understand more about the country of Vietnam, which is also the reason why Travel Cafe decorates the space in Vietnamese style in order to create interesting experiences for customers.

Visitors to Café Vietnam in Toranomon from November 5, 2012 to January 19, 2013 will enjoy the taste of coffee and some favorite dishes of Vietnam, including noodles, bread, as well as being provided information about Vietnam to interested customers.

(Resource: Vietnamnet)


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